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23 March 2009

FREE Advertising Slots!

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to let everyone know I've just recently added Project Wonderful slots to my other blog, The Feature Café! Right now all the slots are FREE!

Don't forget, I also have some open slots here on this blog! Check the side bar!

Enjoy FREE advertising while it lasts!

12 March 2009

Mosaic Tool

A friend of mine (Amanda at SygnetCreations) always makes cool mosaics of her products/photos to use as avatars, in her Etsy listings, and for promotional pieces!

Check some of her mosaics out??
(click each one to view larger & with description)

Isn't that so neato??

Now, check out the ones I made today!
(click each one to view larger & with description)

This mosaic tool is so fun & creates professional looking results!

Show me your mosaics!!!

10 March 2009

Updated & Relisted!

I just updated & re-listed this jewelry set!

^ Sous la Mer Jewelry Set

New & well improved photos, as well as a new lower price!!!

Check out the listing? Click here!
Whatcha' think?

Have you updated or re-listed anything today?

09 March 2009

I'm In A Green Tresury!!

ZappyTurtle was so kind to include my Emerald City Earrings in her current treasury!
Take a look!!

^ Click on the image to view it LIVE!

Make sure to click & comment?!?!
Help get EtsyFriends' to the FRONT PAGE!

Are you featured in any treasuries right now?

06 March 2009

The Feature Café - New Featured Seller + GIVEAWAY!

Make sure to check out my other blog (The Feature Café) for this week's featured seller and giveaway!

Are you hosting a giveaway right now?
What fun giveaways have you found around lately?

04 March 2009

Current Project: Crocheted Bikini Top

^ (c) MannieMandible ^

I just started a new project!! I haven't crocheted in a while and since March is National Crochet Month, I figured I need to make some time for it (:

Above is a picture of my current project, a crochet bikini top! I'm quite excited to start this project, especially since the weather is improving and summer is approaching. I live on the west coast of Florida, so our winter is fairly mild and probably by the end of this month I'll be able to sunbathe every day (:

The pattern I am using is out of my "Crochet On The Go" deck/box & is pretty simple. It uses granny squares for the "triangle" pieces.. nifty idea, huh? I do not have any lace weight yarn, so I imagine I'll have to adjust the pattern a little, oh well! The yarn I am using (pictured above) is pink & white and is 100% cotton (:

I'm also thinking about making up some crocheted jewelry items, so keep your eyes peeled for new listings in my shop!

What are you doing to celebrate National Crochet Month?
What is(are) your current project(s)?

03 March 2009

I'm in a treasury today!

Swee included my Agate Bracelet in her treasury this morning (:

^Click to view live!

Make sure to click each listing & leave a nice comment!!

Are you featured in a treasury today?

02 March 2009

EtsyFriend's Lucky Charms Treasure Hunt!

^ Click on image to visit info page!

Good luck, everyone!