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16 April 2009

The Feature Café ~ New Featured Seller + GIVEAW

Make sure to check out my other blog (The Feature Café) for this week's featured seller and giveaway!

Are you hosting a giveaway right now?
What fun giveaways have you found around lately?

13 April 2009

Monday Must Reads

How did I come up with this idea? Read here.

Photo "Jump For Happy Monday" © janeladalma

Every Monday I'll share some of my favorite posts from the week before! Think of it as a little "pick-me-up" to start your week (:

April 7th - 13th Must Reads

Hope you enjoy this Monday Must Reads Collection!
Come back next Monday (April 20th) for a new set of links!

31DBBB ~ Day 7

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Write a Link Post
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It is day 7 in the 31 Day challenge and today’s task is to write a 'link post' - a post that links up to at least one other blog." - Darren at ProBlogger

Today's task has inspired me to do something new and unique with my blog. I've been trying to dream up something good for some time & today's task made my lightbulb click on.

A lot of people do, for example, Wordless Wednesday, posts... Posts in which they do not write, but simply share photographs of things. Most of the time there is a series of similar photographs like this one and other times bloggers just share funny comics like this one. "You've heard the expression -- A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words. That appears to be the premise behind Wordless Wednesday. One picture that tells a story." - By Barbara Crews, About.com

- My New & Unique Idea -
"Monday Must Reads"... Every Monday I'll share a few of my favorite blog posts found while doing my blog reading during previous the week. As my task was link other bloggers, I've linked a few blogs already (see above) and I'm also using my VERY FIRST Monday Must Reads post for my Day Seven task! Check it out here!