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04 March 2009

Current Project: Crocheted Bikini Top

^ (c) MannieMandible ^

I just started a new project!! I haven't crocheted in a while and since March is National Crochet Month, I figured I need to make some time for it (:

Above is a picture of my current project, a crochet bikini top! I'm quite excited to start this project, especially since the weather is improving and summer is approaching. I live on the west coast of Florida, so our winter is fairly mild and probably by the end of this month I'll be able to sunbathe every day (:

The pattern I am using is out of my "Crochet On The Go" deck/box & is pretty simple. It uses granny squares for the "triangle" pieces.. nifty idea, huh? I do not have any lace weight yarn, so I imagine I'll have to adjust the pattern a little, oh well! The yarn I am using (pictured above) is pink & white and is 100% cotton (:

I'm also thinking about making up some crocheted jewelry items, so keep your eyes peeled for new listings in my shop!

What are you doing to celebrate National Crochet Month?
What is(are) your current project(s)?


KrazyFashion said...

Wow! That sounds like it will come out great! I think those would sell if you post them in your shop.
Winter over here though is killing me! lol I get cold so easily it is not even funny! I went outside at 4:00 am yesterday and I almost died! hahahaha
Hope all is well with you babe! :p


Jennie said...

Awesome project, Mannie! I wish I could wear something like that. And I had no idea it was Crochet Month- how fun!! I am celebrating it by continuing work on my 7 foot round rag rug...I hope to be finished by Easter. I'm at 3 and a half feet now, but that's far from "halfway done". Anyhoo- can't wait to see your bikini top and your crochet jewelry!

oriental banana said...

It's a tad too cold here to even start to think about sun-bathing, but I think your bikini is gonna turn out really cute!

I don't crochet, so I'll just have to live vicariously through you and your crocheting projects :)

Elephunk said...

I didn't know it was crochet month either! I should take this opportunity to rework a hat I made earlier that didn't come out so well.

Also, I have a question about crochet bikinis---can you actually swim in them or are they just for sunbathing?