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26 December 2008

Merry Christmas!

I know it's a late greeting, but it's better than nothing!! I am home with family for the holidays and my internet access is very limited! I'll be back to my apartment by January first or second. I will then catch up and be back up to speed! Sorry for being MIA! Forgive me?? (:


18 December 2008


to enter the giveaway
from my other blog, The Feature Café!
CLICK HERE for the details!


17 December 2008

Colorful Christmas - My Treasury!

I was able to snag a treasury last night! I really wanted to do a holiday theme, but I also wanted to do something unconventional! This is how it came out....

Make sure to check it out LIVE to click on each listing and to leave me a nice comment (:


16 December 2008


Just downloaded Firefox/Mozilla and WOW... I love it!! I also love the greasemonkey add-on that lets me install etsyhacks like forum wrangler that "tracks your forum reading, and highlights posts to make it easier to keep track of threads you're interested in." I also love the Morning Coffee add-on! It lets me "assign" websites a use often (etsy, blogger, my email, etc) to open (all in different tabs) on certain days or everyday, when I first open the internet! If you haven't downloaded Firefox/Mozilla yet, you should (: Click here for the download! I kept IE, just in case I feel the need to go back, but I'm sure I'll stick with Firefox/Mozilla for a while!

THANK YOU to my EtsyFriend's for being so helpful!


11 December 2008

In Another Treasury Today (:

Thanks to ihemstitch, I am featured in ANOTHER treasury today! This time my Sous le Mer Jewelry Set was included! Make sure to visit the live version to click on all the listings and leave ihemstitch a nice comment! THANKS FOR INCLUDING ME GIRL!

Also, don't forget to view my Pleasing Purple Treasury before it runs out!!


10 December 2008

Made a Treasury & In a Treasury!

Woohoo, I was able to snag a treasury this morning! Please visit the live version to click each listing and leave me a nice comment (:

Also, Sharon of Hildeguard's Lair included my Icicle Earrings in her treasury! Again, please visit the live version to click each listing and leave a nice comment for her!



Jen of sosorosey received this award for her blog from a friend and has passed it along to me. THANK YOU JEN!

A couple of rules for spreading the love:
(1) Post a copy on your blog
(2) Mention who gave you the award.
(3) Pass the award on to 6 others.
(4) Leave a message on their blog letting them know the honor has been bestowed upon them.

It is my pleasure to pass this award to the following people:
1. Amanda at http://sygnetcreations.blogspot.com/
2. Estela at http://stelabird.blogspot.com/
3. Heather at http://heatherknitzdesigns.blogspot.com/
4. Christina at http://hoydendesigns.blogspot.com/
5. Danielle at http://loveetsyfeedback.blogspot.com/
6. Teresa at http://crochet-mania.blogspot.com/


09 December 2008

Electric Blue Treasury by Brit at KrazyFashion

Hello everyone!
Brit at KrazyFashion included my Icicle Earrings in her Electric Blue Treasury! Make sure to visit the live version to click all the listings and leave a nice comment for her!!

^ My earrings - fourth row, first coloumn


ps(Make sure to check out my newest blog, TheFeatureCafé!)

08 December 2008

LAST DAY of the EtsyFriends JINGLE SALES!

FREE GIFT with EVERY transaction in my shop!
Just mention the code "jingle" in the note to seller section during
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The FREE GIFT is this:

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Happy Shopping!

05 December 2008


December 5th - 8th ONLY!
FREE GIFT with EVERY transaction in my shop!
Just mention the code "jingle" in the note to seller section during
check out and the FREE GIFT will be mailed along with your purchase!

The FREE GIFT is this:

FOR MORE ETSYFRIEND'S JINGLE SALES, http://efpromotions.blogspot.com/

Happy Shopping!

02 December 2008

BRAND NEW BLOG! Bookmark/Follow it?!?

^ Clicking on the photo above will take you to my BRAND NEW BLOG! I created it to feature fellow Etsians! Make sure to bookmark and/or follow it!

Thank you!

01 December 2008

Want to reel in those holiday shoppers?

Want more sales and views? Having an eye-catching shop avatar and banner can greatly increase the number of people finding, viewing, and even purchasing from your shop!!

Let me make you a custom Etsy shop avatar and banner set for only $10!!!!

Just convo me directly and we start on the details of the graphics! I am willing to go through a reasonable amount changes before you purchase. Once you like the graphics, I will set up reserved listing just for you!!

Convo me now!!


P.S. - Sell on another site? Need a header picture on your blog? I am open to working on other custom graphics, too! Convo me so we can discuss the details!


I have decided that in addition to my FREE SHIPPING SALE, which ends tonight at 11:59(est), I am also going to offer a FREE GIFT with every transaction made before midnight to honor Cyber Monday!

Plus a bonus FREE GIFT with every transaction, TODAY ONLY!

Happy Shopping!

30 November 2008


Shop now for the holidays!
You'll find crystal, gemstone, and sterling earrings, necklaces, and bracelets!
You can also find some crochet pieces

EVERYTHING in my shop!!!

Sale ends tomorrow night (Monday, December 1st) at 11:59pm!!!

Happy Shopping!

26 November 2008

Going home for the holiday (:

Hello everyone! Austin & I will be traveling home this afternoon for the Thanksgiving holiday! I won't be back until Monday! I really hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving, and has a super fun time with the Black Friday-Cyber Monday sales!

Feeling generous, I have decided to offer FREE SHIPPING on EVERYTHING in my shop from Thanksgiving Day afternoon until the night of Monday, December 1!! No need to mention any discount code and no need to wait for a revised invoice!! Sometime on Thanksgiving Day I will change all my listings to free shipping, and you'll just need to purchase as usual! Enjoy! Remember... December 11th is my cut off shipping date to guaranteed you'll get your package by Christmas!


25 November 2008

In Another Treasury ~ Help it get on Etsy's front page?

Nikki at KaleidoscopeKorner has made yet another treausry, and has been ever so gracious to include my Autumn Bracelet (thrid two, first column)! THANK YOU!

Click here to view ^this treasury live! Click all the listings & comment to help get this treasury on the front page! Click here to check out (and bump up) a promotions thread about treasuries!

** EDIT **
Brit at KrazyFashion (another EtsyFriend) just made a treasury and included my Turquoise & Swarovski Bracelet (first row, first column)! THANK YOU!

Click here to view ^this treausry live! Click on all the listings & comment to help get it on the front page!



21 November 2008


This is my first time! It's soooo exciting!

I am the bracelet in the third row, third column!

Three other EtsyFriends team members are in with me!
KrazyFashion - wallet; first row, second coloum.
Sosorosey - baby snuggle; second row, first column.
SygnetCreations - fourth row, second column.

^ Was live around 6am this morning!

Nikki at KaleidoscopeKorner for including me in her treasury!
Brit at KrazyFashion for getting the screenshot!
Amanda at SygnetCreations for letting my know by convo!

♥ Mannie

20 November 2008

Snagged My First Treasury EVER!

YIPPIE! I just snagged my first treasury spot EVER! The treasury is entitled "Mermaids... My Obsession" and it's PERFECT for my first treasury! Here's a look! Go here to view it live on etsy and make sure to comment and click!

Have you snagged any treasuries today??
Comment this post with the link so I can check it out!


18 November 2008

Busch Gardens Trip, November 16

This past saturday (Nov15) was my mom's birthday! I wasn't able to go back home for it, so she came down to spend the day in Tampa with Austin & I on Sunday! We took her to Busch Gardens! Here are just a few pictures, so there's A LOT more to Busch Gardens than what you see here! If possible you should visit this park someday!

Enjoy the pictures!
(Click on them to view the full size)

^ Austin & I

^ Me & Billy & Mom

^ Elephants

^ BIG gator

^ Hippo, up close

^ Siberian Tiger

^ Momma & Baby Gorilla

^ Meerkats

^ Sheikra
200ft up and 90 degrees down!
Only dive coaster in the USA!

^ Montu
Hang down roller coaster; track is above you, feet hang!
Fastest roller coaster & strongest G forces at Busch Gardens!
It goes 70 mile per hour and has 3.85 G force!

^ Scorpion
The only "baby" coaster left at Busch Gardens!
Austin's first roller coaster when he was little!


17 November 2008




Click here for more details!

*remember, for some shops this will be
their very LAST sale of the year!

Happy Shopping!

14 November 2008

Gooble Up Handmade Sale!!

Hello ladies and gents! It is, yet again, time for an EtsyFriend's team wide sale! Each participating shop chooses a sale they want to have... Some do a certain percentage off, some do BOGO, some do free gift with purchase, etc. Visit http://efpromotions.blogspot.com/ to find the different sales my fellow team members are having (: For some memebers this is their LAST sale of the year, so jump on these savings NOW!

Gobble Up Handmade Sale ~~ Novemeber 14-17

♥ FREE SHIPPING on transcations $15 or over (before shipping) in my shop!
♥ Purchase, but DO NOT PAY! Include your paypal email address in the 'note to seller' and I will email you a revised invoice!
♥ MUST use coupon code "gobble" in 'note to seller' to receive this discount!

Shop NOW for the holidays!

Happy Shopping!

13 November 2008

Newest Listings!

WOW... I guess I just was/am going through something equivalent to writer's block. It's been awhile since I've made any jewelry worth listing. Well, a piece of that changed last night when I made this bracelet and this pair of earrings. I really like how the pictures came out as well, so I will share them here..... Enjoy!

^ Turquoise and Pink Swarovski Crystal Bracelet
(View Etsy Listing)
Make a subtle statement with this stunning bracelet handmade using beautifully marbled turquoise and darling pink swarovski crystals! Each turquoise bead measure about a half inch in diameter, and the total length of this bracelet it about seven and a half inches. The bracelet closes using a sterling silver spring loaded clasp. I made this one-of-a-kind bracelet to sit nicely on almost any size wrist!

^ Turquoise and Clear Swarovski Crystal Dangle Earrings
(View Etsy Listing)
These beauties are sure to make you or a friend feel pretty this holiday season! The turquoise beads are about a half inch in diameter and are surrounded by sparkling transparent swarovski crystals. The total length of these earrings is just under two inches. The headpins and ear wires are all sterling silver.

Well, there ya have it.. my two newest listings! I'd love some feedback on the photographs, the price, the description, the tags... any comment is helpful (:

Tomorrow's post: GOBBLE UP HANDMADE SALE! You don't want to miss this!

Thanks for reading!

11 November 2008

In Progress: Popcorn Scarf

Hello readers! Sorry I've been MIA for the last few days! I have A LOT of photos I want to show you all... just not all today, hehe. Austin and I went to an international auto show on Saturday, and eventually I'll have some pictures up! Today Austin and I went to a local county park and had a picnic.... again, eventually I'll have some pictures. This weekend our college has a home football game; Austin's parents are driving down to come with us (: I plan to take pictures.

Now on to the subject of this post (according to the title)..... my scarf. I originally was looking for bath mat pattern, but ended up just learning a new stitch with the help of my lovely EtsyFriends! I learned the popcorn stitch(crochet)! I'd rather call it a bubble stitch, but when I made a little swatch to try out the stitch, popcorn seemed to fit since I was using yellow yarn (:

The first picture below is the swatch and the second picture is how far I've come along on my scarf. (Sorry for terrible quality... these were just snapped quickly!)

I am worried I won't have enough yarn to make a full length scarf, so this may just end up a scarflette (:

Let me know what ya think folks!?!?!

07 November 2008

Blog Playlist

Hello ladies and gents! If your volume is up on your computer, I'm sure you are hearing my new blog playlist! Scroll to the bottom of this page to view it!

I have a super old iPod... you guys remember the mini, right?
Well, that little beauty is the best (: I remember openning it up on my 18th birthday (just over three years ago) and, oh boy, was I happy! Well, it was acting up a while ago, and I just gave up on it. My laptop (a gift from the same birthday, hehe) wasn't recognizing it anymore, and I couldn't put new music on it, etc. A couple days ago my boyfriend played around with it and got his new laptop(vista) to recognize it!! Yesterday, I tried again to make it all work on my computer and TADA... there is a GOD and he LOVES me! It worked! This, alone, has made my week happier, haha! And the best part of it all is... it's 4G, which just happens to be 2 more gigs than my boyfriend's nano! hahaha! To celebrate all this, I've added a playlist to my blog! It's all the way at the bottom if you'd like to take a look! There's only four or five songs right now, and I plan to add a few new ones each time I post so keep checking back!

Hope you enjoy the music!

06 November 2008

Updates! Updates! Updates!

Time for a few updates!

(01) I have recently completed and listing my first crocheted mini bowl and I'd really appreciate some feedback on it (: Do the pictures look good? Is the price too high/low? Is the description clear and enticing? Would you buy it?

(02) I have finally jumped on the bandwagon and joined indiepublic! Add me as a friend? http://www.indiepublic.com/profile/Mannie

(03) My team, EtsyFriends, is currently having a challenge entitled, "Thankful for Friendship"! You should definitely go vote on your favorite piece for a chance to win 1 of 11 AWESOME prizes! You can even enter up to 11 times! Go to http://loveetsyfeedback.blogspot.com/2008/11/special-edition-11-prizes-up-for-grabs.html for more details and to vote!

(04) A fellow team member made this treasury today in support of the current team challenge (see update number 3) and she was nice enough to include my Pietersite Gemstone and Marbled Glass Bracelet! THANK YOU AMY!

(05) If you are on twitter, you should be (a) following me and (b) following my team!! (:

(06) I have set myself a goal. Last night I started a two-tone scarf, and I want to have it finished and listed by tomorrow (Friday) night or Saturday morning! Wish me luck! Here & here are pictures of my progress.

That's it for the updates, I think!
Thanks for reading; Comments always welcome (:

04 November 2008




It's finally here! We will no longer have to hear/see the crazy ads! GO VOTE! Regardless of who you vote for... it is historic and there will be change!

Why do we vote on a Tuesday... in November?
- The short answer: We used to be a nation of farmers.
- The long answer: Congress chose November because the harvest was over and the weather wouldn't be bad enough to prevent people from traveling. As for Tuesday, people used to have to travel overnight to their polling location. (In 1845, horse was the preferred method of transport.) In an effort to avoid religious days of rest, Congress chose Tuesday, leaving Monday and Wednesday as travel days. Tuesday was voting (and horse-resting) day.


etsy listing links:
(1) http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?ref=sr_gallery_16&listing_id=16914753
(2) http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?ref=sr_gallery_7&listing_id=16597230
(3) http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?ref=sr_gallery_18&listing_id=14497412
(4) http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?ref=sr_gallery_11&listing_id=16739042
(5) http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?ref=sr_gallery_12&listing_id=16880505
(6) http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?ref=sr_gallery_16&listing_id=9367005

trivia credit to:
(1) http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=5891432
(2) http://news.yahoo.com/s/ynews/ynews_pl126#full


03 November 2008

I'm Featured at Expressions by Devin

Playing around in the Etsy threads for the majority of the day does some good... I've had to opportunity to receive samples of products, had opportunities to send promos to shops going to shows/fairs, learned about great sales, and had quite a few opportunities to get featured on fellow Etsian's blogs (:

Back in early October I was playing around and came across a post by http://devinprather.etsy.com/ explaining she wanted to feature other Etsian's once a week(and for the week) on her blog. I of course jumped on this opportunity... the more exposure, the better!! Devin was very professional about the whole thing and made the feautre wonderful! I wasn't supposed to be featured until November 18th, but other people hadn't kept in touch with her, so I got bumped up!

My feature is now live; Please check it out here (: If you are a seller on Etsy, and do not actively participate in the threads, you really should! It's great exposure, as other shops(as well as potential buyers) keep seeing you. You learn all kinds of new crafts and techniques. And you come across wonderful opportunities to get your shop noticed! Whatever you do, just get involoved!


30 October 2008

My Autumn Bracelet is a "Great Find"

I was playing around in the promotions forum on Etsy earlier this month. I posted my Autumn Bracelet in a "new listings" type thread, and was approached (well, not literally, she just conv'd me) by MadeForMeByOaklie. She explained to me that she runs a fairly high traffic website(http://www.madeformebeoaklie.com/) which she changes the appearance of quite often to fit the holiday or season. She has a section called "Great Finds" which is self-explanatory... (she browses through Etsy and finds great things, lol). People have bought items she's had listed in the section, and also said my Autumn Bracelet was perfect for her November theme! So, low and behold, my bracelet is featured! Click here to view the Great Finds section (:



28 October 2008


First of all.... A HUGEEEEEE thank you goes to Cara for doing her daily sketch in honor of me today(see above)!!! It's absolutely amazing and totally sweet! You must to check out the post HERE! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH CARA!

Second of all.... Austin has early classes today, so he's already off at school and won't be home till around 2pm. I've decided to have a cheap (well, basically free) 21st birthday, lol. So after Austin is out of classes, it's off to Taco Bell since at least one base has been stolen in the World Series, they is giving Americans one free crunchy beef taco today between 2pm and 6pm! Hopefully they can substitute beans instead of meat since I'm a vegetarian, lol! Then we will go over to Busch Gardens (we have annual passes and it's only about 10 minutes away at most) to the Hospitality House so I can get a FREE beer! Sounds perfect right?? I will try and bring along the camera and get some pictures!

Hope everyone has a killer day (:
♥ Mannie

27 October 2008

won another giveaway, in another treasury, and got a free gift!!

Yes, that's right... I won ANOTHER blog giveaway, I'm in ANOTHER treasury, and I received a free gift!! Woohoo!! Here are the pictures....

^ I won this cleansing sage from a Walk In The Woods blog giveaway, or what she calls a "whimsy"! She used a recycled magazine page as an envelope and the sage is fabulous! THANK YOU!

^ Amy from AMOzarkian included my Peitersite Gemstone Bracelet in this treasury(top row, third column)! THANK YOU! Make sure to search "etsyfriends team" on Etsy to see more of the team member's handmade treasures!

^ Katherine from Reiter8 gave me this recycled sail mini wallet just because I gave her shop it's 1500th heart!! Everything in Reiter8 is amazing and very earth friendly! You see she used a subway map as wrapping paper for my mini wallet (: And her business card is printed on the back of a ceral box! The pieces in her shop are all made from recycled sails; She's got tote bags, mini wallets, pillows and more! Thank you sooo much, Katherine for my free gift!

Thanks for reading and don't forget to check out the shops mentioned today!

22 October 2008


^ click for a larger view ^

My Autum Bracelet (third row, third square) was included in this treasury by Nikki at http://zappyturtle.etsy.com/! Everyone in the treasury is apart of the team EtsyFriend's! To view more handmade pieces on Etsy from our team, just search "etsyfriends". If you've followed my blog, you know I mention them quite often! We are the most friendly and most supportive team on Etsy, no lie! If you want to join a team, we are for you (: Click here for info about joining!

Thanks again Nikki for including me (:

21 October 2008

Renewed Love

My main focus has always seem to have been my jewelry, but I throughly enjoy other crafts as well. My most recently renewed love is crocheting. My grandmother taught my to crochet and knit only about two years ago. I always knitted far too tight and got stuck in the middle of a row, I stuck with crocheting. Only until recently have I picked back up my hook and played around again (: My jewelry was getting boring, and I felt like learning some new things.

So, I spent most of yesterday playing around on YouTube watching all sorts of "how-to" crochet videos. I found an awesome channel that has just about 400 different videos. The woman behind it all is a fabulous teacher, and everything I tried yesterday, I was able to make with no problems because her teaching was so clear and uber understandable! You should definitely check her out at http://www.youtube.com/user/tjw1963! Come to think of it... search around you tube for help, tips, and advice on ANY craft you may do!

I came up with ^^these^^ two cuffs all by myself, minus the yellow ball/button closure (which I got from tjw1963 on YouTube). They will eventually make it into my Etsy shop (:

Last night, I also made a little heart! It's the perfect size for make-up and lotion application or removal and is the perfect size for a face scrubbie! I plan to make and sell sets of about 3-5 little scrubbies at my Etsy shop soon, so keep your eyes peeled! Last night I also started a drawstring pouch; I should have it done by today! It's just the right size for coins/money, for makeup, or jewelry, and more! I've developed soooo many other designs out of this pattern base! I can't wait to get started on my other ideas!

I am also looking into crocheting "rag-style"! It's done by taking freshly laundered linens(pillowcases, sheets, etc), cutting them into strips, and connecting the strips to makeup the 'yarn'! You can also use plastic bags!

^^ Jen at http://sosorosey.etsy.com/ has beautiful rag pieces that have been featured multiple times in treasuries on the front page of Etsy! Check her out her shop for other examples of what I'm talking about (: I can't wait to try out these alternative fibers!

Well, there you have it... I'm taking a wee break from jewelry designing, and delving into crochet, yet again! I'll be taking pictures of my works and posting them on my flickr, so check there often (:
Wish me luck!