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26 February 2009

Have you heard about FoundHandmade.com?

^ Click to visit website!

FoundHandmade is just one of the many great sites to get handmade movement out there! It's super easy to navigate and well designed.

FoundHandmade is super affordable to "advertise" on! It's just $5 a month for one mini block, $20 a month for five non-touching mini blocks, and $30 for four merged blocks(larger photo)!

"How to Shop: Roll over a picture block to see the item larger, in the center. When you roll over the picture block, you will also see the seller’s profile on the right hand bar. Each seller's profile will include their store name, location, a short bio and a list of all the websites they sell on (if they have more then one). Click on the picture block and you will be directly linked to the seller’s site where you will be able to purchase the item. You can shop for items by using the Categories menu, or our Gift Guide on the left hand bar, or try our search bar that has been efficiently streamlined so that you can search by items, seller, or materials. The sellers here are from all over the websites selling handmade, supplies and vintage goods!" -Quote directly from here

So what are you waiting on??

Spread the handmade movement!
Buy from shops listed at FoundHandmade!
Advertise your shop on FoundHandmade!

24 February 2009


Today is Mardi Gras!!!!!
(French for "Fat Tuesday")

Wanna know more? Click here!

Let's celebrate together!

Check out all the Mardi Gras things I found on Etsy for under $20...

^ Colorful MARDI GRAS Carnival Masks Large Tote Book Bag by Novelty Creations, $16

^ Colorful Mardi Gras Necklace by Meg's Gems, $20

^ MARDI GRAS STEAMPUNK Purple and Wrought Iron ART NECKLACE by Morbid Curiosities, $14.99

^ Celebration of Color Necklace by AmberLightz, $14.99

^ Mardi Gras Little Soap Dish by SweetPickelsPottery, $8

^ Mardi Gras King Cake (limited edition) Blended Creme Soap by SoapalayaSoaps, $8.50

^ Dabloon Magnets Set Made from New Orleans Carnival Dabloons 1960-1990 by MissKarina, $10

^Mardi Gras Feather Hair Clip by featherwell, $4

^ Mardi Gras Garter by Luv to Peek Bridal, $14

Share your Mardi Gras items??

Also, what are you giving up for Lent?

I'm giving up soda. I did it last year, it was tough, but I felt so much better drinking water and juices! Last year I was able to develop the habit, and it stuck long after Lent was over, but I slipped and I need to get back on track.. thanks Lent (: haha!

22 February 2009

16 February 2009

Updated Flickr

I haven't played around with Flickr in a while, so I jumped in this morning before work to update! Take a look? (:


Flickr is VERY clear about their rules of not mentioning Etsy in your photo descriptions or letting people know a photographed item is for sale... Even through all this, I know a few people who have followed the rules and still had people ask if things were for sale! How neat is that? I would LOVE to make a sale through Flickr!

Have you been asked questions about your craft through Flickr?
How often do you update your Flickr account?

14 February 2009

12 February 2009

MySpace Music

The only good things about MySpace are...
(a) there's a HUGE audience to promote my business
(b) I find really good music easily

(a) Add me? http://www.myspace.com/MannieMandible
(b) In NO order, here's what I've been listening to a lot recently.....

The Millionaires

^ not safe for little ears!

a:it (used to be Never Say Never)


Benni Benassi

^ not particularly safe for little ears!

Share your favorite music on MySpace?? (:

EtsyFriend's Handmade With Love Sale!

Hello readers!
As you may know, I am an active member in the Etsy team, EtsyFriend's! It's a team for EVERYONE and is made up of an amazing group of talented artisans. Each month we plan for a big promotion! Usually it's a sale and sometimes we also have challenges and treasure hunts. A lot of other promotions are in the works.

This month we are having our usual opt-in team wide sale!
Check out our thread in the Etsy Forums?

^ Click the image to visit our promotions blog
and get all the great deals from all participating shops!

FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on EVERY purchase from February 12th through 15th. No need to wait for a revised listing or invoice. Just purchase as usual, as shipping costs have already been marked off!



What sale are you having?
What does your team do special?
If you purchase something from one of my team members, come back & tell me!

Happy Shopping Everyone!

11 February 2009


if your a competitive swimmer or just someone who likes splashing around in the water, THIS BLOG IS FOR YOU!!

^ Click photo to visit blog!

Don't forget to follow it, either!! *wink wink*

The Feature Café - New Featured Seller + Giveaway!

Make sure to check out my other blog (The Feature Café) for this week's featured seller and giveaway!

08 February 2009


Have you checked out the newest handmade network on the web?

^ Click image to view my new Spotlight!

Spotlight is similar to Etsy's treasuries, but wayyy better!
No waiting & supports Etsy, Dawanda, and 1000 Markets!

04 February 2009


I know, it's been a LONG while since I've listed anything new in my shop. Also, I have quite a few listings with OLD and ICKY photographs. I want a more cohesive look for my shop!

I told myself last night.... "Tomorrow I will re-photograph older listings and try to make at least one new piece! I will achieve a cohesive look for my shop!"

So, this is what happened today...

I made TWO new pieces for my shop!
One Bracelet & One Pair of Earrings!

^ Click photo to view listing!

^ Click photo to view listing!

I updated the photographs on some listings! Check out these before and after shots!

^ Click here for listing!

^ Click here for listing!

Sooooo, time for feedback, questions and suggestions...
  • Do you like my new listings?
  • Does my shop have a cohesive look to it?
  • What do you do to develop a cohesive look in your shop?
  • Any suggestions for my shop.. descriptions, photographs, etc?

03 February 2009

And the winner is....

The winner of my prime location ad space giveaway is...
Amanda of SygnetCreations!

Here are your random numbers:
Timestamp: 2009-02-03 16:05:40 UTC

A HUGE thank you goes out to EVERYONE who participated! I may turn this into a weekly thing, so check back on my blog OFTEN!

01 February 2009


WOOHOO! My boyfriend and I live in Tampa, so the excitement of Superbowl has been in the air for quite sometime! I work at Applebee's and sooo many people have come through that are here for the game (mostly Steeler's fans & network camera men/women).

What do you do for the Superbowl?
Please share traditions, games, recipes, anything!