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08 October 2008


I love blog giveaways! I posted a thread in the Etsy forums for everyone to share their links for blog giveaways, the browsed around the blogs I follow... I entered basically everyone I came across, haha! So, hard work (blog research) does pay off, because I won TWO giveways! Check it out.....

Giveaway #1 = a super cute handmade Halloween pendant from Hoyden Designs!!

She included a sweet thank you card, and a free bookmark of one of her prints, which just actually happens to be my most favorite artwork of hers (: I can't wait to string and wear this pendant! THANK YOU!

Giveaway #2 = Pomegranate Soap and Lotion set from Soap Deli!!

First of all, I reallllly wanted to win this one! I love pomegrante and I love handmade soap! This stuff smells AMAZING! I got that large bottle of lotion and the 4oz bar of soap from the giveaway and she also included two product samples and discount coupon for a future purchase! In the top of the photograph is the sampe of Lavendar Mint soap, and oh my goodness, it's wonderful! My boyfriend even loved it, haha! The smell reminds me of the soaps in a fancy bed and breakfast I stayed at in Savannah, GA this summer! I think I will have to go purchase a full 4oz bar of it! The other sample is in the bottom of the photograph; It's raspberry vanilla lotion! And again... it's fabulous! I will definetely be shopping at Soap Deli again! And for the men in your life (who are always hard to buy gifts for), she has quite a variety of masculine scented soaps (: THANK YOU!

I've never won a blog giveaway until these two and I feel very lucky to have done so! Thank you to those who helped make this happen! And you should really check out the blogs and shops I've mentioned... I promise it's well worth your time!


Jennifer said...

Awesome Mannie, You won some great items.

Jen said...

I entered those, too! Congrats! Hey, why not try your luck again at my new giveaway:


Emmy Lou said...

congrats, but I am SO jealous! :)

Christina Silverio said...

Oh, I'm so happy you like the pendant! The pictures turned out beautifully. Thank you so much for entering, and congrats on winning! :) That little mouse sure did go to a good home. ;)

Conscientia's Cameos said...

oh wow! you lucky thing! congrats!

Vanessa said...

Yay congrats!!