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21 October 2008

Renewed Love

My main focus has always seem to have been my jewelry, but I throughly enjoy other crafts as well. My most recently renewed love is crocheting. My grandmother taught my to crochet and knit only about two years ago. I always knitted far too tight and got stuck in the middle of a row, I stuck with crocheting. Only until recently have I picked back up my hook and played around again (: My jewelry was getting boring, and I felt like learning some new things.

So, I spent most of yesterday playing around on YouTube watching all sorts of "how-to" crochet videos. I found an awesome channel that has just about 400 different videos. The woman behind it all is a fabulous teacher, and everything I tried yesterday, I was able to make with no problems because her teaching was so clear and uber understandable! You should definitely check her out at http://www.youtube.com/user/tjw1963! Come to think of it... search around you tube for help, tips, and advice on ANY craft you may do!

I came up with ^^these^^ two cuffs all by myself, minus the yellow ball/button closure (which I got from tjw1963 on YouTube). They will eventually make it into my Etsy shop (:

Last night, I also made a little heart! It's the perfect size for make-up and lotion application or removal and is the perfect size for a face scrubbie! I plan to make and sell sets of about 3-5 little scrubbies at my Etsy shop soon, so keep your eyes peeled! Last night I also started a drawstring pouch; I should have it done by today! It's just the right size for coins/money, for makeup, or jewelry, and more! I've developed soooo many other designs out of this pattern base! I can't wait to get started on my other ideas!

I am also looking into crocheting "rag-style"! It's done by taking freshly laundered linens(pillowcases, sheets, etc), cutting them into strips, and connecting the strips to makeup the 'yarn'! You can also use plastic bags!

^^ Jen at http://sosorosey.etsy.com/ has beautiful rag pieces that have been featured multiple times in treasuries on the front page of Etsy! Check her out her shop for other examples of what I'm talking about (: I can't wait to try out these alternative fibers!

Well, there you have it... I'm taking a wee break from jewelry designing, and delving into crochet, yet again! I'll be taking pictures of my works and posting them on my flickr, so check there often (:
Wish me luck!


Jennifer Otero said...

cool, i will check out her youtube tutorials.
I have just started knitting again and love it!
Nice blog.

Homemade Zen said...

Glad you are picking up crocheting again :-)

315thomas said...

cool, i have always wanted to learn to crochet... thanks for the youtube links!

kim* said...

yeah i cant stand doing the same thing all the time so i have to switch it up a bit.

Carapace said...

Yay, more crochet in the world! Someday I should gtry to learn that...I don't have enough hobbies taking up room!;)

Kimberly Monaco said...

I can't knit or crochet worth a darn... but I'm looking forward to seeing the face scrubby things! What a great stocking stuffer those would be too!

Staci said...

your good!!! I need to learn how...always wanted to....