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07 October 2008

My Recent Purchases!

I love to share my finds with you all, so here's a picture blog about my most recent awesome purchases from fellow Etsians!

^ This cute little tote bag is from Nikki at Kaleidoscope Korner. We made a trade... I made graphics for her new Etsy shop (Heavenly Baubles) and I got to pick anything from her shop that was $15! I had been eyeing this bag for quite some time, so it all worked out perfect!

^ This handmade 4oz bar of chocolate espresso soap from KreatedByKarina is simply amazing! I was a barista before I moved (in August), so when I saw this, I just HAD to have it! Turns out Karina (the shop owner) was previosuly a barista in Canada! All of her soaps are to die more! Make sure to check out her Etsy shop and also her website at http://www.SoapThatMakesScents.com!

^ This purchase was my second from Beadeux. She has been very helpful to me with my handformed earwires and headpins. A HUGE thank you goes out to her! Also, her packaging is super cute! If you are looking for a variety of chains and wire, then her shop is for you (:

^ I have been looking for these small glass flower shaped beads for quite some time; I've been waiting for the perfect one. When I came across these in TheSupplyShoppe I knew they were what I'd been waiting for... just the right size and color with just the right (cheap) price!

^ I purchased this pack of 30 4x6 pieces of high quality paper from SillyFlower. She's having a great sale, so I couldn't resist this pack of fun patterns and colors!

------ Okay folks, well that does it! Hope you liked my little picture blog, and I really hope you check out each and every shop I mentioned on this post! I wouldn't blog about them if they were terrible (:
Have a nice Tuesday everyone!
XOX ~ Mannie


Jennifer said...

Cute purchase Mannie, I love that purse that you got.

Debbie Gootter said...

I love the way the wire was packaged!

Emmy Lou said...

looks like you had a great time shopping!

oriental banana said...

thanks for visiting my blog. it looks like christmas in october!

CAT Productions said...

Thanks for sharing your finds with us! I love finding new etsy shops to visit!

Debra said...

Great items!!
I love finding new shops....

zamzam design said...

I love the bag, it's lovely!

Vanessa said...

Great purchases! I love love love that birdie bag!

Kaleidoscope Korner said...

awe...thanks Mannie!! you so rock!;) im so snooping those shops now;) lovin those flower beads...super bright colors, just lovely;) thanks for sharing:)