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26 February 2009

Have you heard about FoundHandmade.com?

^ Click to visit website!

FoundHandmade is just one of the many great sites to get handmade movement out there! It's super easy to navigate and well designed.

FoundHandmade is super affordable to "advertise" on! It's just $5 a month for one mini block, $20 a month for five non-touching mini blocks, and $30 for four merged blocks(larger photo)!

"How to Shop: Roll over a picture block to see the item larger, in the center. When you roll over the picture block, you will also see the seller’s profile on the right hand bar. Each seller's profile will include their store name, location, a short bio and a list of all the websites they sell on (if they have more then one). Click on the picture block and you will be directly linked to the seller’s site where you will be able to purchase the item. You can shop for items by using the Categories menu, or our Gift Guide on the left hand bar, or try our search bar that has been efficiently streamlined so that you can search by items, seller, or materials. The sellers here are from all over the websites selling handmade, supplies and vintage goods!" -Quote directly from here

So what are you waiting on??

Spread the handmade movement!
Buy from shops listed at FoundHandmade!
Advertise your shop on FoundHandmade!

1 comment:

Audrey said...

I have actually found it, but wasn't sure about paying $5 a month to advertise one item. Have you tried it? does it work?