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16 February 2009

Updated Flickr

I haven't played around with Flickr in a while, so I jumped in this morning before work to update! Take a look? (:


Flickr is VERY clear about their rules of not mentioning Etsy in your photo descriptions or letting people know a photographed item is for sale... Even through all this, I know a few people who have followed the rules and still had people ask if things were for sale! How neat is that? I would LOVE to make a sale through Flickr!

Have you been asked questions about your craft through Flickr?
How often do you update your Flickr account?


oriental banana said...

I don't update often enough because I haven't made anything in ages! Better get on it... :P

Sygnet Creations said...

I try and add a photo each day. I have been approached regarding an item I listed and it ended up in a sale...Twice =) Other than that I know of a few other sales in my etsy shop that came from listing items on flickr.... It is a great sight for photographers of all caliber!