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08 April 2009

31DBBB ~ Day 2

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I like to write lists. Sometimes I just write them for fun (: I've decided to list my amazing Etsy team members from EtsyFriends'! Check out each shop, please! All of them are so creative and unique!

- My List -
http://aggieray.etsy.com/ (Linda)
*Beautiful handmade Handbags, accessories and more

http://allthangsoldbutnew2u.etsy.com/ (Missie)
*A little bit of Everything for Everyone!

http://AlwaysChic.etsy.com (Stacy)
*Never spend a day being ordinary

http://Angelicgems.etsy.com (Angel)
*Elegantly funky jewelry

http://amozarkian.etsy.com/ (Amy)
*Greeting cards, magnets and various art

http://Audj33.etsy.com (Audra)
*Mixture of photography and paintings

http://avidhunter3.etsy.com (Beth)
*monkee baby creations

http://babymoon.etsy.com (Sheila)
*All natural baby care products, jewelry, totes and slings

http://beckynot.etsy.com/ (Becky)
*Adorable crafts to support Doggy and Kitty rescue.

http://BusyBeadLady.etsy.com (Edyie)
*Artisan jewelry handmade necklaces, earrings, bracelets

http://Carapace.etsy.com (Sarah or Carapace or Cara)
*Armor against a gray day

http://ChristinaColwell.etsy.com (Christina)
*Mixed Media Folk Art

http://craftedfromtheheart.etsy.com/ (Rhonda)
*crocheting, jewelry, and scrapbooking

http://creation.etsy.com (Lindsay)
*Knitted accessories and more

http://creationsbycaseyfink.etsy.com (Casey)
*Creations by a Mom who has Creativity + Ingenuity + Common Sense

http://creativethings.etsy.com/ (Christi)
*knitted toys, jewelry, scarves

http://designedbykrhf.etsy.com (Kimi)
*Swimwear, lingere, and accessories for all.

http://designsbymisschris.etsy.com (Miss Chris)
*Unique, high-quality, and affordable one-of-a-kind creations

http://devancarol.etsy.com/ (Devan)
*Jewelry, tins, and supplies

http://dylnic.etsy.com (Karen)
*KC's Handpainted Boutique

http://earthmamahyde.etsy.com (Jesse)
*eco-friendly crafts

http://fancy.etsy.com (Sarah)
*trinkets and gifts

http://fuzzysheepcrafts.etsy.com (Chris)
*Homemade just for ewe!

http://gabbeyxxx.etsy.com (Gabbey)
*Feminine hair pieces and jewelry with a little edge.

http://gabrie.etsy.com (Gabrie)

http://GeckoJewelry.etsy.com (Jeanna)
*Handmade Jewelry and supplies

http://haannh.etsy.com (Han)
*100% hand painted batik on silk fabric.

http://herbjungle.etsy.com (Linlee)
*Bath and beauty products

http://hildeguardslair.etsy.com (Sharon)
or http://critterhabitat.etsy.com
*chainmaille jewelry, amigurumi and sculptures

http://ihemstitch.etsy.com (Kendra)
*Hemstitching is a series of reinforced holes that are around the edge of the blanket so you can add a decorative crocheted edge

http://jadedmind.etsy.com (Dianna)
*Are you Jaded?

http://JustforFunCrafts.etsy.com (Sheila)
*crafts I do just for fun!

http://kaleidoscopekorner.etsy.com/ (Nikki)
or http://heavenlybaubles.etsy.com
*jewelry, rag quilts and other great gifts

http://kraftykrew.etsy.com (Rita, sister and mom)
*Plush, knits and bags

http://KrazyFashion.etsy.com (Brittany)
*Krazy is how I like it!

http://kuncekrafts.etsy.com/ (Melissa)
*candles and scrapbooking

http://laurawallstaylor.etsy.com (Laura)
*one-off pottery

http://liko18.etsy.com (liko18)
*Liquidating my inventory of baby apparel and accessories!

http://lizzyboo.etsy.com/ (Elizabeth)
*Prints, Checkbook covers, coasters, and more.

http://lmgdesign.etsy.com (Lisa)
*'Pieces of Me' recycled puzzle pieces

http://lollysnestegg.etsy.com (Lolly)
*Dog bandanas, bears with clothes, and pretty jewels

http://miyaw.etsy.com/ or
http://greetingsfrommiyaw.etsy.com/ (Nadine)
*jewelry, leather crafts, and others - and greeting cards

http://mondrysyknotshop.etsy.com/ (Jenn) ~ Co-Leader
*Therapy pads, postcards, scrunchies and knot jewelry

http://mvincent.etsy.com/ (Mannie)
*Handmade goodies just for you ~ jewelry and Crochet

http://mycozycreations.etsy.com/ (Kimberly)
*headbands, crayon cozies, and more.

http://myissag.etsy.com/ (Melissa)
*crochet - wash cloth, hats, scarves, children, adult

http://MyPaperEden.etsy.com (Ivy)
*Beads, charms and acessories made from paper

http://Nyblaque.etsy.com (Ny or Andrea)
*Conservative Cool to Eco-Friendly Artisan Jewelry

http://porcelynns.etsy.com (Lynn)
*porcelain artist and a multi crafter

http://randomscraps.etsy.com (Andi)
*'handmade cards and gifts'

http://recupefashion.etsy.com or http://Recupefashionnstuff.etsy.com (Recupe)
*specialize in recuperating stuff and making it new

http://retroreesa.etsy.com/ (Reesa) "Doll Clothes/Vintage Dolls/Retro Jewelry" or http://reesasfavorites.etsy.com/ "A Variety Shop"

http://RhisBitsAndBeads.etsy.com (Rhi, or Lori)
*Where Quality Meets Affordable

http://ShopDavinia.etsy.com (Marlene)
*Purifying the mind, body and soul .

http://sosorosey.etsy.com/ (Jen or Soso)
*crochet bowl, coasters, upcycled creations

http://swiedebie.etsy.com (Swee)
*Cutsies for U and Your BB

http://SquaresOfFlair.etsy.com (Emily)
*Handcrafted personalized pendants with style

http://sygnetcreations.etsy.com/ (Amanda) ~ Team Leader
*travel neck pillows, blankets, pouches and key chains

http://tabasc1.etsy.com (Toni)
*Sweet Tabasco ~ jewelry and home decor

http://www.tagsandbuttons.etsy.com (Danelle) ~Co-Leader
*buttons, tags, matchbooks, and other promo items

http://thehoneyfitzfactory.etsy.com (Jennifer)
*Handmade Sterling Silver jewelry

http://thetopcat.etsy.com/ (Teresa)
*Jewelry and accessories for doggies

http://UniqueCharm.etsy.com (Leslie)
*From the everyday to the awesome

http://zappyturtle.etsy.com/ (Nikki)
*reclaimed treasures

Someday soon I'd like to list all the social networking sites I use, all the fun, free internet games I like to play, and more!


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