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25 January 2009

I've been tagged!

So I have been tagged by Brittany over at KrazyFashion to play the Meme Game. I am supposed to list 8 random things about myself and then tag 8 other bloggers. Here are 8 random things about me...

1) I've been vegetarian since I was 12!

2) I almost went to school for baking & pastry!

3) I was a competitive swimmer from the time I was seven until I graduated high school. I miss it.

4) I LOVE to read, but tend to read too many books at once and I end up confused!

5) I'm far from a girly girl, but oh do I love (strong) cosmopolitans!

6) I LOVE purses, especially big ones!

7) I love indie, hardcore, and house/club/electronica/trance/industrial music... if it's local, even better!

8) I probably spend wayyy to much time online doing things for my buisness (at least that's my excuse/justification, hehe)

I will tag...

1 comment:

esque said...

OMG, #4 is totally me! lol

Thank you so much! I'll be coming up with my eight random things soon! :D