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15 January 2009

My New Job....FINALLY!

FINALLY, I found a job! This means I will bring home money, which means I can buy supplies, which means I can start creating again, which means more in my Etsy shop for you to buy!!


I've finished my training last night and this morning is my first shift alllll aloneee, eek! Wish me luck??



KrazyFashion said...

Omg! I am so nervous for you! I remember my first time being alone as hostess! There were so many rude people and if I messed up once SOME BODY would notice. It was like I was under a microscope! lol
I can just imagine being a server. *gets the chills*
Hope you bring home lots of dough! :D

Marlene said...

You will do great!! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations...you go girl!

Coolbuster said...

I came from BC. You have a nice blog here. Congratulations for your new job!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you!

Tanya said...

congrats on your new job!! You'll do great with your wonderful personality! Best of luck!