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07 November 2008

Blog Playlist

Hello ladies and gents! If your volume is up on your computer, I'm sure you are hearing my new blog playlist! Scroll to the bottom of this page to view it!

I have a super old iPod... you guys remember the mini, right?
Well, that little beauty is the best (: I remember openning it up on my 18th birthday (just over three years ago) and, oh boy, was I happy! Well, it was acting up a while ago, and I just gave up on it. My laptop (a gift from the same birthday, hehe) wasn't recognizing it anymore, and I couldn't put new music on it, etc. A couple days ago my boyfriend played around with it and got his new laptop(vista) to recognize it!! Yesterday, I tried again to make it all work on my computer and TADA... there is a GOD and he LOVES me! It worked! This, alone, has made my week happier, haha! And the best part of it all is... it's 4G, which just happens to be 2 more gigs than my boyfriend's nano! hahaha! To celebrate all this, I've added a playlist to my blog! It's all the way at the bottom if you'd like to take a look! There's only four or five songs right now, and I plan to add a few new ones each time I post so keep checking back!

Hope you enjoy the music!


L.o.v.e. said...

Oh Mannie!

I have a 30Gb classic ipod in white and I had a TON of music on it. I was at work one day and stepped away from my desk,the IT guy came over to my desk and saw I had my ipod connected.(I was charging it) The jackass pulled it out with out ejecting it and lost ALL my music. :X
I thought I was going to kill him...lol

Jennie said...

The playlist is a wonderful way to celebrate! I love this widget :)

Fancy said...

yay!! I have never heard of those bands, but I like it! I will have to show Josh.

And your blog totally reminded me that November 14 is this week ahh! I need to pick a sale for everyone to gobble up :)