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18 November 2008

Busch Gardens Trip, November 16

This past saturday (Nov15) was my mom's birthday! I wasn't able to go back home for it, so she came down to spend the day in Tampa with Austin & I on Sunday! We took her to Busch Gardens! Here are just a few pictures, so there's A LOT more to Busch Gardens than what you see here! If possible you should visit this park someday!

Enjoy the pictures!
(Click on them to view the full size)

^ Austin & I

^ Me & Billy & Mom

^ Elephants

^ BIG gator

^ Hippo, up close

^ Siberian Tiger

^ Momma & Baby Gorilla

^ Meerkats

^ Sheikra
200ft up and 90 degrees down!
Only dive coaster in the USA!

^ Montu
Hang down roller coaster; track is above you, feet hang!
Fastest roller coaster & strongest G forces at Busch Gardens!
It goes 70 mile per hour and has 3.85 G force!

^ Scorpion
The only "baby" coaster left at Busch Gardens!
Austin's first roller coaster when he was little!



Jennie said...

What a fun time! You all look so cute together, and your mom looks like your sister :) We have a Busch Gardens in VA, too!

Fancy said...

I love your hair Mannie, so cute! Wonder if that would look okay on me..hmm..I am a hair dye chicken.