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03 November 2008

I'm Featured at Expressions by Devin

Playing around in the Etsy threads for the majority of the day does some good... I've had to opportunity to receive samples of products, had opportunities to send promos to shops going to shows/fairs, learned about great sales, and had quite a few opportunities to get featured on fellow Etsian's blogs (:

Back in early October I was playing around and came across a post by http://devinprather.etsy.com/ explaining she wanted to feature other Etsian's once a week(and for the week) on her blog. I of course jumped on this opportunity... the more exposure, the better!! Devin was very professional about the whole thing and made the feautre wonderful! I wasn't supposed to be featured until November 18th, but other people hadn't kept in touch with her, so I got bumped up!

My feature is now live; Please check it out here (: If you are a seller on Etsy, and do not actively participate in the threads, you really should! It's great exposure, as other shops(as well as potential buyers) keep seeing you. You learn all kinds of new crafts and techniques. And you come across wonderful opportunities to get your shop noticed! Whatever you do, just get involoved!



kristinamyerscrafts said...

congrats on the feature!

Devin said...

Thansk for being a feature artist.You jewelry is awesome.Keep up the great work.Thanks for the post on your blog:0)