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16 September 2008


Hello readers (: I've just recently moved out of my parents house in Central Florida and into an apartment in a suburb of Tampa with my boyfriend(Austin) of three years. We hadn't been able to get the internet up until now.. FINALLLYYYY!! It makes everything so much easier! Before, I would ride along with Austin to his college campus (USF) and go online there. It made selling my jewelry tough, along with making his school work harder. We'd make little trips over to the campus just so he could input answers for one of his classes and to check his school email. Blah blah blah... I'm just totally glad to have the internet up, finally! I'm going to try and check my EtsyFriends Team thread and team blog everyday. As well as, getting to know the memebers better!

As for my shop (MVincent.etsy.com), I've been having some trouble taking the photos for my jewelry. No matter what I've tried as far as lighting and background, it all turns out crappy! I consider myself good with a camera. I've always taken great photos of people/places/things, but trying to find a good lighting in this apartment is tough... I don't know why; I'm quite irritated! I've tried natural sunlight, lamps, etc. I've tried white construction paper, a page from a book, my boyfriend's wood desk, etc for a blackground and it's just not the best quality! I am going to try and figure out something different for taking my pictures. Hopefully I can get up some really good pictures, and make some sales! Also, I have so much I want to say on my main shop page... I know, I need to just put it all in my shop policies and have only a short and sweet welcome message, lol.

I've set up a mailing list. If you sign up, you'll get to know about shop updates, special (and sometimes secret) sales, news, and more. Just e-mail me at MannieMandible@yahoo.com saying "Add me to this mailing list!"

1 comment:

Kaleidoscope Korner said...

girl you are soo funny! lol...taking pics of items is so much dif than that of peeps...ive heard mention of a "macro" setting but, i have yet to figure out which one that is on my cam;)...try the outdoor, early morning, out of direct sunlight thing...do you have a photo editor? i have paintshop pro if you need help, lmk;) have a great nite!