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17 September 2008

Featured Shop ~ Heavenly Baubles!

Listen up everyone... There's this super nice, totally taleneted Estian out there who goes by the nameNikki! She already runs one shop, KaleidoscopeKorner with lots of really cute merch that you should most definately buy, but is opening another new christian inspired gift shop tomorrow! That's right, folks... GRAND OPENING for Nikki's new shop, Heavenly Baubles, is tomorrow (Friday)!! Her Opening Sale is buy one item at regular price, get your second 30% off!!

Well, along with a new shop, comes new worries. Like having a banner and avatar that will draw people in. Nikki and I are both a part of an Etsy team called EtsyFriends. We work together to come up with ideas about promoting our shops, and we just chit chat! Nikki put up a post on our group's thread and asked if someone would make her a new banner and avatar. I jumped at this offer, as I love working in graphic design. I made a custom banner with matching regular avatar and a sale avatar. Take a look! The banner, the regular avatar, and the sale avatar! What do you guys think? In return for making her banner and avatars, she gave me $15 credit towards her shops (: Now isn't that just the sweetest! I totally appreciate it, especially since I've been eyeing these three bags from her shop (Bag One & Bag Two & Bag Three)!!

I am considering putting up a listing in my shop for a custom etsy banner & matching avatar. Do you think it would be a good idea? Do you think it would sell? As always, I loveee feedback!

Well, my team's trade game is at 9pm/EST tonight, and I'm still not sure if I'm playing, lol. The boyfriend and I are supposed to watch a movie together tonight, but that all depends on how much of his coursework he can complete. I ended up not making anything new for my shop today, oops! I shall try to make things tomorrow!

Bye bye for now, I may be back (: xox

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