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20 September 2008


First of all and most importantly, I want to thank Cara from Carapace for choosing me as part of her Friday Five EtsyFriends Feature! She's the first to write up about my shop and I really appreacite what she's done (: Thank you Cara!
I made a few pieces yesterday, but ended up only listing one. My creative writing juices aren't flowing; I can't see to write any good descriptions. The Halloween piece, which you see to the left, was the only one I could write. I mean comon'... It's easy when the piece has a theme like Halloween! Special Note: those earrings are usally listed as $12 + shipping, but I've decided to have them on sale for $9 + free shipping so go get them!! I am going to try to design and make up some other Halloween pieces soon. Halloween is my most absolute favoriteeeee holiday ever! Yes, it even beats my birthday(which is close to Halloween anyways; October 28th) and christmas! I've always enjoyed the opportunity to dress up like something I'm not (or, in some cases, something I am, but in the extreme form)! Last year I was a Alice In Wonderland. She's my obsession, no lie. I love the books, the movies, everything. I go to sleep with the Disney version very night; my boyfriend's just come to deal with it (: My costume was a "sexy" style Alice; I had a killer time! This year, my boyfriend and I haven't decided if we're going to stay here in Temple Terrace for Halloween, or go back home(it's only about an hour and a half drive). I think it might be nice to stay here are the apartment, get dressed up, and hand out candy to all the kids, but we both have younger siblings, so being home with them might be fun too. Needless to say, I haven't decided what I am going to dress up as!
Tomorrow I will have a double feature of two fellow EstyFriends Team members, Heavenly Baubles and Carapace, so make sure to come back and read all about them!
Thank you!
xox ~ Mannie

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