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25 September 2008

My Promo Items

I have a few great opportunities coming up to promote my shop! A few shops I've spoken with are going to shows in Oct/Nov and are collecting promo pieces from other etsians to make swap bags out of! As I make jewelry it's not possible to make 20 pairs of earrings to just give away(sorry I am a student, I can't afford that, lol). I played with the idea of cellphonecharms/zipperpulls, but that doesn't really showcase my shop which is all about jewelry right now! One of the members on my team does rack cards from vistaprint. Rack cards are like one page the size of a brochure that can include pictures of your work, some text, etc. I played with that idea, too, thinking I could get them printed and then add a little string of pretty beads for decoration.

I was just browsing through the promotion threads on Etsy and came across Susan's Greetings! I am currently working with her on getting 50 tags similar to ones she has made in the past (see picture)! I really liked the swirl pattern around the initals and the back can be any color or pattern she has available. Right now we are talking about a dark purple! Please check out Susan's shop; She has lots of creative and beautiful paper goods!

Thanks for reading! Leave comments (: xox


Debbie Gootter said...

Those tags are so beautiful!

June Shin said...

Those tags look great! I'm going to check out her shop now. :)

Erin, maker of chimes said...

Those are pretty tags.

I saw one jewelry shop that gave out one earring and to get the other, the people had to go the website and ask for the second one. That certainly makes the person check out your shop :)

Susan Schrock said...

Thanks a bunch! I had fun making these for you - great blog!

Devin said...

Those tags are super cute.Awesoem blog and etsy shop:0)