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28 September 2008

Handformed Earwires and Headpins

So I ordered a wire sample from Beadeux so I could play around with the idea of making my own earwires and headpins. Well, I received the package a couple days ago and just today had the time to play! I made the holiday earrings you see to the left. I am quite proud of myself to have actually made those earwires (: Those earrings are up for sale; you can purchase them here. I can't wait to order more & more wire to play with! I plan to experiement with wire wrapping some stones to use as pendants, too. Wish me luck (:

I finally made a flickr account today (: Click here to view. Not much is up yet, though. Expect more in the future!

I made a custom banner and matching avatar for Hildeguard's Lair. Please comment here to let me know what you think about it?? I really enjoy making custom banners and avatars for people. I like that I can help spice up their shop, and hopefully help them bring in more customers. Also, when a shop has a sale, I can make a banner and avatar set to go with their sale! When they are posting around etsy, people will see their sale avatar and get pulled in... then when they go to thier shop, the sale banner looks appealing, and they read on to learn about the sale. Sounds good to me! I plan to make a listing for this service today.

As in my previous post (about finally getting some little promo tags custom made), Susan finished my tags and says they'll ship Monday. I am excited to see them in person! I'm sure they'll be perfect! I plan to take photos of them once received to share with you all!

Speaking of promos, I would loveee to exchange business cards! Most people who order from me really enjoy see gettings the cards I send to them! They love finding new shops all about buying handmade pieces! If you are interested please leave a comment here or convo me through Etsy (:

Bye bye for now! Hope everyone is doing great! XOX


Kari said...

Cute earrings, would be great for Christmas!

Vanessa said...

Awesome earwires!

Kaleidoscope Korner said...

hey...i have a techy question...how the heck to you put links into your posts like that? ie:click here...hildeguard's lair...etc.?????