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19 September 2008

New Ventures

So, I didnt' play the trade game last night; I needed some time with my boyfriend. We watched a James Bond film, "The Spy who Loved Me." I must admit, we are both big Bond lovers, haha! I signed back in etsy after the movie (about 10pm or so) and caught up with Nikki, Jenni, and Amanda. They shared what they traded and then we discussed new ideas for eachother! I think it was Jenni who brought up a site called Cut Out + Keep. It's a "Step-by-Step Crafty Community" with all kinds of how-to's and photos! We spent quite sometime purusing the site for ideas. I came across a tutorial for pasties!!! I think they'd be quite fun to make. The girls kept telling me sex sells, so why not? Who knows what I'll do so keep your eyes open for a new shop from me, hahaha! Nikki said I could call it Nips Tips! hahaha! It was late; I was crazed. I also came across some tutorials that gave me ideas for unique pieces. Next time I'm in the craft store I plan to find this thing called Fimo. It's a bakable, moldable clay. I see lots of people making cute little cupcakes and lollypops, but the possibilities are endless! Also, I've played around with shrinky dinks and I've found some better ways to work with them, so expect to see some new style of things in my shop!

Completely off topic, but I wouldn't mind having some feedback from you guys now (:
I made a custom banner and avatar for Nikki's new shop, Heavenly Baubles. Do you think I could start to offer this service(custom banners and avatars) in my shop? And how much should I charge? I browsed around on Etsy and found most sites charge around $15. Your thoughts?

I may be back to add more later, but now I'm off to try new ventrues! xox

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